We help authors and publishers with their book needs.

From critiquing to editing, print book layout and ebook creation, cover art and everything between the covers.

MMT Productions does it all.

Take a look

Here are some of the titles we’ve been involved in. Our cover art, print and ebook formatting is something that makes other authors jealous. Take a little time to make your print and ebook stand out from a self-published author and small press publishers – join the big leagues.

And we just don’t create one cover for you. At MMT Productions we create 10, and you pick the one you think fits the work. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, we do have a limited number of premade covers that can be tailored to your needs. Just take a look at some of the covers we’ve made for publishers and authors.

Do you need editing? What kind? Critiquing a manuscript is a high-level look at the story itself. One of our critiquers can go through your work and point out where your plot goes astray, or when contradictions happen.

Need full line editing? We can do that too. Our editors can find anything from misspelled words, split infinities, run-on sentences, missing punctuation, and style irregularities.

SPaG is a simple editing check for Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar. This simple but effective check of a manuscript is the least expensive. Remember, it is not a full edit, but a polish to an already critiqued and edited manuscript. If you received a full edit and fixed what was pointed out, get a SPaG to clean what you wrote.